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Clinic Hours

8.30am - 7pm

Clinic Address

42 Pasquier Rd
London E17 6HB


Acupuncture Cost

Acupuncture Initial Consultation
     60-min £70

Initial Consultation 
     60-min £70

Acupuncture Follow up
     45-min £55
     60-min £70

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Initial Consultation 
     75-min £90

Follow up
     75-min £90

Shiatsu Cost

Shiatsu Initial Consultation

     75- mins   £80
     60- mins   £70

Shiatsu Follow-up
     60-mins   £70

Acupressure Cost

Learn acupressure to promote a natural and efficient labour for woman and her birthing partner
     60-min £70

As above plus acupucture treatment for woman
     75-min £80


Permits £1. There is usuallay space on the street outside the house.

Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, please ask them whether they will reimburse some or all of the cost of acupuncture with a British Acupuncture Council acupuncture practitioner.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours