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Wind and cold pathogens often enter through body through the back of the neck. Protect yourself by wearing a scarf or make use of your hood.

Sudden changes of weather, gong from a centrally heated building to the cold outside or going out outside straight after a after a hot bath are all times when the bodies protective energy is dispersed and therefore vulnerable to invasion by pathogens. Dress warmly when you go out and avoid going out safer a hot bath or shower.

Your mother always told you not to go out with wet hair because of the risk of catching a cold. Chinese medicine would agree because the cold and damp in your hair can invade the body, particularly in cold weather.

The bodies protective energy, which keeps cold pathogens out, lies at the very surface of the skin and can be stimulated and strengthened by brushing it with a loofer or exfoliating glove, either on dry skin or when you are in the shower.

Inhale steam on its own or with tee tree oil helps as it is anti bacterial, anti viral.
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