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Moxibustion Treatment toTurn a Breech Baby

Moxibustion, is a safe, non invasive treatment to turn a baby in breech position. It involves warming acupuncture points on the mothers little toes using a moxa stick.

"I was over 8 months pregnant but my baby was in a breech position and I had been told by my obstetrician that the baby was unlikely to turn at this late stage. I saw Sally in the morning for my moxa treatment . . . that afternoon when I saw the obstetrician my baby had turned to face the right direction"

Breech Baby

Hopefully your baby will be settled head down in the pelvis by between weeks 34 and 36. Although many babies will move into the correct position during week 35 or 36 (even later sometimes) it is probably worth having moxibustion treatment from week 34 as some research suggests more babies will turn with this treatment than without. Further more it is very simple and safe technique that could prevent the need for medical intervention.

The optimum time for turning a breech baby is 34 weeks and can be carried out up to 38 weeks. After this the baby will probably be too large although it has been known for treatment to be sucessful at 39 weeks.

Treatment involves gently warming acupuncture points on the mothers little toes using a moxa stick a for fifteen minutes once a day for 10 days or twice a day for 5 days. I normally give the first treatment and at the end of the session show you how to treat yourself so you can continue treatment at home. Your partner or a support person are very welcome to come with you to the session.

You can find a summary of research on moxa as an intervention for breech presentation here>