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What Others Say . . .

 “ . . . went for a long run, the longest  I have managed for ages.  My Achilles is definitely much better now, the shiatsu has really helped . . .”

 "Hi Sally, just to up date you on my ankle - it's loads better! I have been cycling and walking today with no issues! : )"


"Very welcoming, great manner, listens well . . .  "


"After having 4 sessions of acupuncture over a 6 week period I noticed a significant difference in my pain levels & went from being reliant on painkillers to get through the day to hardly having to take any – which made a huge difference to both my physical wellbeing but my emotional one too – I’d like to say that I would definitely recommend Sally to anyone suffering with a similar complaint & would also come back again myself should the need arise"


" . . . I was over 8 months pregnant but my baby was in a breech position and I had already been told by my obstetrician that the baby was unlikely to turn at this late stage. I saw Sally in the morning for my treatment and had an appointment with the obstetrician that afternoon. By the time I saw the obstetrician my baby had turned to face the right direction . . . "

" . . . I didn’t get ill with the IVF this time and the whole experience was less fraught mentally and physically"

“Sally, I just wanted to let you know that since I last saw you my neck is actually back to normal – thanks very much for sorting it out!”

" Medical tests proved inconclusive  . . . treatment helped me recover my equilibrium and to be more in tune with my body - especially my breath."

 ". . . shiatsu has been one of the best investments in my health and well-being that I have ever made."

" . . . I still remember how it fixed my wrist problem when nothing else did."

"  . . . . now at eight and a half months I realise I feel healthier than I did at the end of my first pregnancy, even though this one has been more complicated. I’m sure it has been one of the benefits of regular treatments.”

" . . . by the way my shoulder has been pain free since your treatment ! thanks !"

"sally, I really wanted to thank you so much for helping me yesterday.  I had no pain at all after I left you . . .  I've never been  so relaxed on a first day of a period like that . . . "


“ . .. shiatsu relaxed my back, I learned how to sit well which combined with some exercises has helped prevent the tension arising  . . . ”


" I’m amazed  . . . . .  it has worked consistently .”


“ . . . .  treatments have helped me maintain more consistent energy levels rather than swinging between highs and lows which has made a significant difference to the quality of my life”



"Sally showed me a pressure point on my shin I could press to help relieve period pains . . . the next time I got period pains I massaged the point and it worked . . . . "


"I really enjoyed my acupuncture sessions . . . " 


"Sally has been using cupping to treat my arthritic knee pain . . .  I often hobble up the stairs to her treatment room and then skip down."

"Must tell u, everybody LOVED their sessions with you last week!"

"  . . . it was new for me being my first time but I couldn't have wished for a better practitioner . . .  professional, compassionate and caring. In hindsight I wish that I'd come to you sooner  . . ."

"The thing about you, Sally, is that I always feel that you are really concerned to get to the bottom of things and not merely a quick fix"

"Sally was friendly and helpful and gave me realistic information about the prospects of success of the treatment."

“ . . .  I found weekly treatments to be very supportive  . . . . I appreciate and admire Sally's consummate professionalism"

"I come away feeling uplifted, more relaxed and have found it has helped increase calm and mental energy . . ."

“Sally suggested four treatments for a pain in the ribs and shoulder that was still nagging me months after a bad fall . . .  by the last treatment I had forgotten that I’d ever had a pain at all - – and I had found the energy to change my computer desk to prevent further neck problems.”

"Recent hot flushes had been occurring frequently during the day and had been spoiling my sleep . . . thanks to your suggested re-hydration plan I am no longer flushing and sleeping like a log again!"

"I found Sally to be able to create a very positive and relaxed atmosphere. l liked the fact that she was able to adapt her practice to connect with me in a variety of ways . . . "

"I came along wanting something more than a superficial massage and have found exactly that . . .  treatments feel very thorough and deep - as though the very core of me  is being attended to and you've encouraged me to think about my posture, diet and the way I feel and think about myself.. . . "

"I found the connection with Sally and her touch very healing."

“ . . . . I've found treatments give me a boost when I’m flagging and can help me realise when I am tired . . . . great help in the midst of my busy London life"


. . .. . professional, friendly, sensitive, intuitive, and calm . . ..  I would recommend her to anyone who wanted this kind of treatment.”