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Shiatsu is a massage technique which, like acupuncture, uses the principles of Chinese medicine. Areas of weakness and stagnation are identified and addressed in a whole body treatment which can alleviate stress, common ailments, injuries and support overall health.

"I came along wanting something more than a superficial massage and have found exactly that . . .  treatments feel very thorough and deep as though the very core of me  is being attended to . . . "

What Happens in a Shiatsu Treatment

After an initial consultation you will be asked to lie on your back, front or side on a massage table, or if this is not possible for you, seated in a chair. Your body will be worked over your clothes so there is no need to undress.  Pressure and stretching stimulate acupressure points, relieve muscle tension, stimulate blood flow, open energy channels and clear stagnation. Most people find shiatsu deeply relaxing.

Your First Treatment

If you simply want to relax, the initial consultation will take 5-10 minutes before the 45-50 hands-on treatment begins. In these cases the over-all treatment will last an hour.  However if your health is complex, or you have a specific condition you want to address, I will need to gain a thorough understanding of your main complaint, general health and lifestyle. This will take 20 - 25 minutes. I will ask you questions about your current symptoms, medical history and general health, and may ask to look at your tongue or examine areas of muscular tension or pain. In these cases I recommend a 75 minute appointment to allow for 40-50 minutes hands-on treatment.