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Sally's Journey

Before I trained as a therapist I pursued my interest in photography and throughout my twenties worked as a freelance photographer in London and abroad. At that time it became clear I needed to find ways to take care of myself and I began to explore a number of  â€˜Eastern traditions’ including Buddhist meditation and mindfulness, yoga and shiatsu.

I trained and started practicing shiatsu in my thirties and have learned  from my patients, and my own experience, that pain and illness can be a gateway to healing and greater understanding.

One of the reasons I undertook a BSc in my forties was to learn more of the medical sciences' understanding of health and illness and it has been very useful. However I have found science has never been able give the whole answer. More and more I take confidence in a system of care that acknowledges we are also spirit and my experience is, when this is fully embodied it allows healing to occur at the deepest level.

Chinese medicine (of which traditional acupuncture is a part) is a metaphorical science. Health, illness and how acupuncture works are explained though the concept of qi, theories of yin and yang and the cycles of the seasons which helps us understand  that we are also part of nature. This makes total sense to me; like many people I often feel this connection when outdoors and am never happier than when I'm pottering around on my allotment.