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Working with Sally

Sally Lancaster is a traditional acupuncturist. For 25 years she has worked with individuals who are committed to prioritising their physical and emotional health and wellbeing, and support those on the path to becoming parents.

She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, holds an Honors degree in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture and a diploma in shiatsu (Japanese therapeutic massage).

Many come to Sally for support with all aspects of fertility, while some patients are seeking relief from pregnancy related ailments or post-partum. Others choose to work with Sally for pain relief or as they cope with chronic illness, or for support through midlife or a difficult period, or as they deal with an injury or trauma.

Sally takes a highly personalised and holistic approach, offering bespoke consultations, diagnostics and treatments with acupuncture often combined with hands-on bodywork, diet and lifestyle advice to yield effective results for each individual. Rooted in tradtitional of Chinese medicine and informed by modern research she often helps those who want to engage in the world of complementary therapies alongside receiving medical treatment.

Practicing acupuncture since 2012.

Practicing shiatsu since 1997.

Sally continues to undertake professional training and meets regularly with other practitioners to deepen her practice and exchange ideas. Her ethos and philosophy has always been rooted in compassion, and a desire to live a life of purpose and service.

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