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Taking Care in the Pandemic

In line with guidance from Public Health England and the British Acupunuctre Council I am doing everything I can to create a clean and safe environment for you as well as ensuring I keep the friendly and warm atmosphere that people love.

I am also offering video consultations, which are perfect if you have been advised to shield or self isolate, are unwell or simply find it more convenient.

I cannot offer face to face appointments to anyone:

  • experiencing symptoms of covid-19

  • with a positive test result for covid-19

  • in close contact with a case of covid-19

In each of those cases you would have been advised to self isolate by the NHS. I will be able to see you at the end of your isolation period.


What to Expect

Before Booking

I’ll contact you via email or phone to briefly review your symptoms and general health and discuss whether a video or face to face consultation is suitable. We’ll find a mutually suitable time for your appointment.

Making an Appointment & Payment

You can book on line or you can contact me drieclty and I will book you into my diary. I will send you a confirmation email with a consent form attached. You must return your completed form before your appointment can go ahead.

Payment by bank transfer in advance of your treatment is prefered.

Pre-Appointment Screening

I will text you on the day of your appointment to check if you have been in contact with a case of covid-19 or are experiencing any symptoms. If you have we will reschedule your appointment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

I will give you a disposable mask to wear for your appointment. I will be wearing a mask. I may also wear eye protection, a plastic apron and gloves. I will wash my hands before your treatment, before and after needling and any physical contact with you.

Arriving for your Appointment

For social distancing please arrive at the time of your appointment, not early or late and attend alone. If you need a chaperone or carer with you let me know before the appointment.

Text me when you arrive at the front gate and I will come out and meet you.

Travel light and bring as little with you as possible.

Wear loose comfortable clothes such as loose trousers and a T-shirt.

Drinking water

Please bring your own water.

Cleaning & Hygiene

The clinic is thoroughly cleaned for your arrival. I will be cleaning and airing the space between every appointment. All touch points such as the banister rails, door handles, toilet seat and flush etc. will be cleaned.

Most soft furnishings and linens have been replaced with wipe clean or disposable items . There will be blankets to keep you warm and comfy. These will be washed after every use.

Please clean your hands with the sanitiser provided when you arrive and before leaving the building.

After Your Appointment

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms or have a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 within 48 hours of having treatment, please immediately inform:

  • NHS test and trace service

  • Me, Sally Lancaster

Thank you for your cooporation. Working together we can make your treatment as safe and comfortable as possible.

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