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Promotes a natural labour and pain relief in childbirth

If you are expecting a baby you and your birthing partner can learn acupressure points and techniques that can be used effectivley alongside orthodox care to relieve pain and promote a natural and efficient labour.

Benefits of Using Acupressure in Labour:

•    Helps the speed and quality of contractions
•    Eases pain
•    Calms the woman
•    Encourages close partner involvement

Sometimes described as acupuncture without needles, acupressure is a way of stimulating acupuncture points using pressure with fingers and thumbs.

It's Easy to Learn
There are six key points used in labour and I can teach you and your partner everything you need to know in a one hour session. Down load a free booklet detailing the specific points here>

 “We both feel that the acupressure techniques we learnt with you were fantastic tools to have at our disposal throughout labour, facilitating the sort of birth we had been wishing for, and complementing the hypnobirthing breathing . . . . .  for me, it really took the edge off contractions and helped me stay calm by knowing that Ollie was with me every step of the way and in tune with the rhythms of my labour.”


Acupressure points are easy to find and simple to use. No massage skills are required just simple pressure.

 Acupressure is not a substitute for medical intervention but if used in the early stages of labour it may mean there is no need to progress to medical pain relief.

The impact of acupressure on onset and duration of labour, and pain relief