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Emotional Wellbeing

Feeing anxious from time to time is a natural response to stressful situations, and feeling down now and then is normal. However being in a state of constant worry or alert saps our energy, our mood can drop with it and there is often a physical component. For example when a digestive disorder becomes worse with stress, there is tightness in the chest or a pounding heart.


Why is acupuncture so effective?

One of the reason acupuncture is so good for emotional conditions is our mood, energy levels and physical symptoms are seen as a whole so are treated together.

Research has demonstrated that acupuncture releases endorphins which are nature’s pain relieving messengers. It also promotes relaxation and deactivates the 'analytical' brain which is responsible for anxiety and worry. It regulates neurotransmitter and hormone levels which alter the brain's mood chemistry helping to combat negative states.

When the body is calm systems work better, hormones are balanced, we are less emotionally volatile, we crave less sugar and alcohol, we sleep better. When we are more relaxed it is easier to make positive lifestyle choices.



"I found Sally to be able to create a very positive and relaxed atmosphere and liked the fact that she was able to adapt her practice to connect with me in a variety of ways
to help make the sessions even more effective. I know this work helped move me a significant step forward in my journey."

Amer S.

"I had my first ever course of acupuncture this year. It cleared up my headaches, helped my lower back, and my general mood lifted during the weeks of the treatment"

Liam E.

"I felt really unwell at the beginning of the year - I had no energy, periods of unexplained breathlessness and as a result my mood was very low. Medical tests proved inconclusive and I decided to seek help through alternative practice. Treatment helped me recover my equilibrium and understand how to be more in tune with my body . . . I found the connection with Sally and her touch very healing."

 Avril R.

"I have come to consider treatment with Sally a treat and really look forward my appointments. It is a fixed time I schedule for myself to stop and pause, and take time to think and feel how I am. It is a way of looking after my body when I am unable to motivate myself to exercise and opens me up to the energy that flows
within it. Treatment gives me a boost when I’m flagging and can help me realise when I am tired! I come away feeling uplifted or more relaxed and have found it has helped increase calm and improve mental energy which is a great help in the midst of my busy life as a solicitor."

Ellen F-G

"I've been working with Sally for two-and-a-half years now, her treatments have led me on a path of healing, discovery and growth and I have learnt to interact more dynamically and create a more whole life for myself. Earlier this year I committed to 10 sessions: as fate would have it I was simultaneously propelled through a number of life changing events, and without help and support on a weekly basis, I don't know how I'd have got through it. I haven't just scraped through.... I've come through the whole experience feeling stronger, more dynamic and sure of who I am than I've felt in the last decade"

Helen M.