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De-Stress and Relax

Everyone feels anxious from time to time, it's a natural response to stressful situations, and feeling down or having the blues now and then is normal. An acupuncture or shiatsu treatment at these times can be an enjoyable way to keep on top of stress and support healthy lifestyle choices.

Anxiety and Depression

However if stress or anxiety are more constant they can affect our daily lives both psychologically (mentally) and physically. Symptoms vary from person to person and can include feeling restless, having trouble concentrating or sleeping, dizziness, muscular tension and headaches. Being in a state of constant worry or alert tends to sap energy levels and mood can drop with them. A general low mood will tend to lift after a few days or weeks but one that doesn't go away can be a sign of depression. Medically speaking anxiety and depression are different conditions, but they commonly occur together.

Acupuncture & Shiatsu for Emotional Wellbeing

One of the reason acupuncture is such a good treatment for emotional conditions is that mood, energy levels and physical symptoms are seen as part of a whole picture and are treated as such. Mind and body are not seen as separate entities but are inextricably connected. Many people know this to be the case from their own experience, for example a digestive disorder becomes worse with stress or feelings of anxiety are accompanied with a tightening in the chest and a pounding heart.

Therapy and counselling is paramount for severe and ongoing feelings of anxiety and depression and I do find acupuncture is a beneficial adjunct. It relaxes mind and body, helps with sleep and physical symptom and safely combines medication and reduces unwanted side-effects.

In my clinic I often combine acupuncture with shiatsu. A gentle neck stretch or foot massage can be very effective and touch itself is nurturing. Most people feel calmer immediately after treatment and many see consistent improvement in their symptoms within two months.

"I found Sally to be able to create a very positive and relaxed atmosphere. l liked the fact that she was able to adapt her practice to connect with me in a variety of ways to help make the sessions even more effective.  I know with the work helped move me a significant step forward in my journey."

"I have come to consider shiatsu with Sally a treat and really look forward my appointments. It is a fixed time I schedule for myself to stop and pause, and take time to think and feel how I am. It is a way of looking after my body when I am unable to motivate myself to exercise and opens me up to the energy that flows within it. Shiatsu gives me a boost when I’m flagging and can help me realise when I am tired! I come away from treatment feeling uplifted or more relaxed and have found it has helped increase calm and improve mental energy which is a great help in the midst of my busy London life".