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Support during menopause

Some women breeze through menopause, for others it can be a challenging time accompanied by hot flushes, poor sleep and anxiety or other symptoms.

It's not uncommon for women who have had babies in their early forties to go straight into menopause after the birth, or for it to start early in younger women as a result of medical treatment for breast cancer. This sudden acceleration of the body’s natural process can be intense and uncomfortable.

"I was suffering the effects of menopause with hot and cold flushes day and evening, night sweats and not sleeping well. Treatments have been working on improving all this and has paid off because the night sweats seemed to stop, the hot and cold flushes have reduce dramatically and after our latest session I finally slept a full night without waking once. I feel better in myself and it has made these tough times bearable. Sally has a natural eye for what needs sorting and there is always time to explain how I feel, her kind heart approach shows she cares about your treatment."

Maria D

Why is acupuncture so effective?

Research has demonstrated that acupuncture impacts on our brain chemistry - so can alter our response to stress. It regulates neurotransmitters and hormones such as serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine.

Acupuncture initiates relaxation and calm. When the body is calm systems work better, hormones are balanced, we are less emotionally volatile, we sleep better. When we are more relaxed it is easier to make positive lifestyle choices which support us.

Different People Different Treatments

Your treatment will be individually tailored to giving relief from the symptoms you are experiencing alongside supporting your overall health. This can include complementing medical treatments and alleviating side effects of medication.