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Pregnancy Acupuncture

Acupuncture supports the health of you and your baby through out pregnancy and offers safe, drug-free relief from a range of pregnancy related ailments including morning sickness and back ache.

". . . treatment helped relieve headaches and restless legs during the first four months of pregnancy.  Although  these eased off during the second trimester I found treatment continued to benefit my general well being and stress levels. . . . now at eight and a half months I realise I feel healthier than I did at the end of my first pregnancy, even though this one has been more complicated. I’m sure it has been one of the benefits of regular treatments.”

Liz C

 Pre-Birth Acupuncture

Pre-Birth Acupuncture is a series of weekly treatments from 36 weeks which supports cervical ripening and increase the chances going into spontaneous labour.

" . . . baby was born on the 24th August, naturally at home as planned with only acupressure for pain relief! She arrived in a speedy 4 hours and it was an incredible experience."

Helen H.


If you need a medical induction an acupuncture treatment a few days before it is scheduled, followed by self administered acupressure, may promote cervical dilation and establish contractions.


You and your birthing partner can learn acupressure points and techniques that can be used effectively alongside orthodox care to relieve pain and promote a natural and efficient labour.

Benefits of Using Acupressure in Labour:

•    Helps the speed and quality of contractions
•    Eases pain
•    Calms the woman
•    Encourages close partner involvement

It's easy to learn. Using this download combined with a 60 minute session with me you and your partner will have all the knowledge and hands on expereince you need.

“We both feel that the acupressure techniques we learnt with you were fantastic tools to have at our disposal throughout labour, facilitating the sort of birth we had been wishing for, and complementing the hypnobirthing breathing . . . . .  for me, it really took the edge off contractions and helped me stay calm by knowing that Ollie was with me every step of the way and in tune with the rhythms of my labour.”

Elenor P.

Breech Presentation

If your baby is in breech position Sally offers moxibustion which involves stimulating acupuncture points on the mothers little toes with the gentle warmth of moxa – a lighted charcoal stick containing the herb mugwort. This encourages the baby to turn to the correct position. After the first treatment you will be provided with moxa sticks and clear instructions so you can continue treatment at home.

The ideal time for treatmetn is 34 weeks and treatment continues to be safe with the possibility of sucess at 38 and even 39 weeks.

"I was over 8 months pregnant but my baby was in a breech position and I had been told by my obstetrician that the baby was unlikely to turn at this late stage. I saw Sally in the morning for my moxa treatment . . . that afternoon when I saw the obstetrician my baby had turned to face the right direction"

Rosine O.